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  1. "When removing the individual from the equation and adjusting towards Post-Modernist Group Identitarianism – certain moral absolutes are reevaluated as new mores gain traction. Historically, Christian doctrine (by extension western Judeo-Christian/Structural Functionalism) taught individual values such as the suppression of wrath, malice, slander and rage (Col 3:8). Conversely, these same values are frequently and collectively rationalized, often encouraged, notedly openly extoled, or consciously or unconsciously viewed as an essential force in the intended and necessary defense of exclusionary group identity. I contend this contrast demonstrates a fundamental shift in worldview and consequently contributes to an ensuing divergent climate tainted with increased suppositional mistrust, mischaracterizations, or even hostility."

"...Contextualizing cultural and social movements within a post-modern perspective varies in theory, application, and infrequently (refutably) upon dynamic societal permissibility pending complex intersectional, collective, or popularized structural stereotypes and/or academic institutional blessing. As conventional group identity elements are theoretically explored, unpacked, and applied across marginalized demographics within the Patriarchy, new social realities emerge demonstrating reactive and/or targeted practices in preemptive defense by ‘oppositional’ groups, including an essential and largely comprehensive, often socially acceptable, and tangible continuation of ‘ends justifying means’ within the contemporary Post-Modern academia, social media, societal and/or populist landscapes. Successively, an implied caustic, endemic, positive correlation may develop in part between certain perceived 'exclusionary group' identities and 'moral fungibility' in response to discretionary marginalization practices enacted against impacted patriarchal demographics..."

-untitled, abstract/excerpt, Karl Haights


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