'Community Voices'

Have you or a member of the Patriarchy you know recently performed a 'good deed' or a 'selfless and kind act'? We commend this and would like to hear more!

We recognize these stories help demonstrate the positive impact of The Patriarchy upon our communities. With your help, we can share these core values and experiences with our fellow Americans!


​The Daily Patriarchy is currently not accepting content submissions. This policy is subject to change. Future submission status announcements will be posted on this page. This does not impact our 'Community Voices' segment.


All contributions will be read by Karl Haights. It is unlikely you will receive a reply. This is not a reflection upon the value of the contribution, but rather the limited discretionary time Karl has available. Karl may or may not include all or parts of your message in future articles. Karl personally thanks you for your time, efforts and compassion.


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