Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Patriarchy?

The Patriarchy is a systematic oppressive force. It directly or indirectly dominates all minorities in some, or all of society’s spheres of influence and institutions, or so we are taught... Within this Post-Modern worldview, individual characteristics of people are ignored - preference instead is placed upon stereotypical generalizations. This Group Identity, along with the core and sustained belief in castigating 'The Patriarchy' and its members as 'the symbol of all of life’s misfortunes', generates our central understanding and application of the Post-Modern movement both nationally and abroad.

Who is ascribed membership in The Patriarchy?

Immutable status is ascribed to the following demographics: Caucasians, Christians*, Men. This includes any subgroups within these categories. For Example, ‘White Women’ and ‘African-American Christians’ are both members of the Patriarchy. *(Non-white female former Christians may uniquely be released from the confines of the Patriarchy).

Fluctuating status may also exist within the socioeconomically advantaged. For example, ‘affluent Native Americans’ may also be casually ascribed membership in the Patriarchy.

Additionally, Patriarchy members who experience more than a single ‘pariah social category’ are uniquely objected to an overlapping and interdependent system of marginalization or disadvantage referred to as ‘intersectionality’.

What is Post-Modernism?

Post-Modernism is a western philosophy, characterized by broad skepticism, subjectivism, or relativism. It seeks to deconstruct the general philosophical viewpoints that were taken for granted throughout the Enlightenment to present day. Truth is something to be decomposed and rebuilt from the core tenants of group identity. Post-Modernism is also described as a set of critical, strategic and rhetorical practices utilized to further this widely accepted theory.

How common is Post-Modern theory?

Exceptionally common. This is a core theoretical paradigm and a commonly held tenant within our society. It is a widespread belief within members of most institutions of higher learning throughout North America. Studies indicate as many as 90% of college and university professors in Canada openly identify as 'Postmodernists'. US educational institutions do not lag far behind. This applied theory transcends our educational sphere and is currently utilized by many social and cultural movements.

Am I permitted to disagree with Post-Modernist deconstruction?

Yes, The Daily Patriarchy believes it is okay to disagree. We respect diversity of opinion. However, groups  will continue to manage their legitimate and reasonable oppression anxieties in the self-selected manner of their choosing, utilizing methods we both cannot and should not control as outsiders. This statement equally applies to all humans.

Something 'feels racist'. Why is that?

Chances are you have been taught only white folks can exhibit or benefit from racism. The presupposition that those who are blamed for causing all oppression may in fact be victims of marginalization disturbs many core progressive tenants. Cognitive dissonance often impedes a full understanding of our perspective. It is perhaps understandable our views could be inaccurately perceived; To provide preemptive clarification: 'The Daily Patriarchy openly disavows racism in all of its forms'.

Is this a ‘white oppression’ website?

Absolutely not. In fact, whites represent a minority within Christendom and all men are not white. The Patriarchy embodies a rainbow of cultures, languages, customs, gender identities, nationalities and ethnicities. 

Furthermore, ‘white oppression’ is often a sordid inarticulation and a fairly tainted expression. This inaccurately delegitimizes our expressed words and applied intent. We advocate focus upon the individual experiences of marginalization and discourage harmful labels used to evoke an emotional response. We focus on all impacted demographics within the Patriarchy and expressly clarify: 'We are equally inclusive to all ethnicities and racial groups who share our immutable status and those who do not'. 

Wait, aren’t you doing the same thing as Postmodernists?

If I’m wrong, everyone is wrong. 

I still feel offended and I hate you.

We are sorry you feel this way. We strive to treat all people equally and continue to value your viewpoints and opinions critically, dispassionately,  objectively, and with appreciation.


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