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Daily Patriarchy DNC VP Prediction – April 18th, 2020

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Chicago, IL--Today we look at the upcoming Democratic Vice-Presidential selection within a post-modern perspective and provide educated speculation on the eventual nominee.

Pending unexpected or unforeseen complications at the upcoming Democratic National Convention - Joe Biden will become the Democratic Presidential nominee. The Daily Patriarchy believes Mr. Biden is essential to DNC electoral victory aspirations and offers game-changing potential in reaching the battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. (And to a lesser degree Minnesota and Ohio).

We venture most within the Democratic Party will pragmatically fall in line to support Biden; However, placating progressive elements within the party inevitably will require heavy concession – We maintain this cost will be paid in selecting an approved progressive VP running mate.

This leads us to the immediate problem within the DNC’s November campaign - The ‘Party of Minorities’ is seemingly not represented by minorities. This is a deep concern within the progressive and post-modern landscapes which largely define their realities upon racial identity. To counteract this untenable racial disparity, The Daily Patriarchy expects the eventual VP nominee to be selected primarily upon 'exclusionary group identity' while artificial and/or arbitrary hurdles continue to accompany detrimental 'pariah group' affiliation.

Let’s compare our three current favorites within a post-modern group identarian perspective.

D - Kamala Harris (CA)

Racial Identity: African American, Indian American Gender: Female Religion: unknown (Raised as Baptist and Hindu) Pariah Categories: Affluent, Former Prosecutor, Youth Baptist association

  • With strong progressive credentials Kamala Harris is often overshadowed by her past formal career as a Patriarchy member who prosecuted protected marginalized demographics. Although still in the running, she does not offer a swing-state bump while her Indian American heritage does little to shield her from ‘privileged’ castigation. Proven professionalism and demonstrated fluency working within the Democratic party are valuable and noteworthy assets.

D - Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM)

Racial Identity: Latina Gender: Female Religion: Roman Catholic Pariah Categories: Affluent, Open Roman Catholic affiliation

  • Although she may be Hispanic, she is not African-American. The hierarchy of intersectionality within a post-modern framework coupled with the DNC's demand for inclusivity (at times arguably more important than policy), makes Lujan-Grisham expendable and racially untenable. She will be awarded accolades for overcoming her race and gender. Yet, her race still precludes her from being VP.

D - Stacy Abrams (GA)

Racial Identity: African American Gender: Female Religion: Methodist Pariah Categories: Affluent, Open Methodist affiliation

  • Of these three candidates, Stacy Abrams holds the highest rank of oppressed within an intersectional framework. Past public legislatorial positions reinforce both progressive credentials and a genuine gift for oratory and personable skills. Georgia has slowly been moving purple over the last decade. Electorally, we are unsure if she can flip the state, but she would certainly bring it into play.

In summation, The Daily Patriarchy predicts the eventual VP nominee will be: Stacy Abrams. We expect 'Biden/Abrams 2020' to be announced in the coming days or weeks. Best of luck to all potential nominees!

As always, we remind our members to stay safe as they will continue to be condemned for any potential misfortune of others.

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