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Daily Patriarchy Update - March 28th, 2020

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

EL PASO-- Daily Patriarchy Update (3/28/20)

The Coronavirus is an ongoing point of deep concern, things are looking bad in New York. White folks are deeply unsettled by the realized and potential death toll. Public gathering restrictions have noticeably impacted barbeque outings.

Men particularly are experiencing a higher rate of c-19 contraction while continuing to work the most dangerous jobs. Continued exposure in 'male-dominated essential fields' preclude social distancing, assuming of course, one is fortunate enough to retain employment.

The affluent are reminded money means nothing if one is dead. They continue to donate funding and resources despite drastic losses to their retirement aspirations. Many continue to join the ranks of the impoverished.

Christians continue to focus their efforts on the emotional well-being of others and have stepped up their efforts to provide food for the needy. Kitchen volunteers continue to donate services in the form of casseroles, lunch-meat trays and pies to the families of the recently deceased.

Moral leaders continue to be confounded by the actions of Trump and his opposition alike. Meanwhile, social privilege and property rights further their decline within our impacted demographics. Marginalization is expected to continue for the near future.

As always, we remind our members to stay safe as they will continue to be condemned for any potential misfortune of others.

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