• Karl Haights

Daily Patriarchy Update - March 30th, 2020

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

MEMPHIS—Daily Patriarchy Update (3/30/20)

Oppression continues unabated for demographics within the Patriarchy. Racial identity remains tracking steeply upwards during this historic time of crisis and mass illness.

Today, The Daily Patriarchy inked a tentative alliance with the Tennessee chapter of UBLGOAD. After consideration both sides agreed to shared values including: ‘People should be nice!’, ‘Why are people so mean?’, and ‘What the heck is wrong with people!’. Negotiations are ongoing.

The Daily Patriarchy continues site development with the addition of the Support page; including integrated, functional PayPal support. Numerous off-site supporting services continue to be addressed.

As always, we remind our members to stay safe as they will continue to be condemned for any potential misfortune of others

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