• Karl Haights

Daily Patriarchy Update - March 31st, 2020

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

LITTLE ROCK, AK-- Hysterical media Coronavirus coverage relents. The very entities most guilty of sensationalism retain many of their anxiety laden consumers while concurrently attracting new viewers. In this scholar’s opinion, the majority of The Patriarchy has ‘tuned out’ this non-stop coverage. We advocate this indifference as we often view the collective media as openly hostile to our objectionably ascribed group identity; More importantly, sensationalism does not necessarily help and may likely cause harm.

Patriarchy members are expected to continue to respond to all potential and realized virus related threats with their same brand of prudence, sensible precaution, and responsive workhorse efficiency. The Daily Patriarchy would like to thank these men, women and non-binary members who make this phenomenal response possible!

Faithful members of The Patriarchy continue to keep the health, safety and spiritual well-being of others in their prayers. Concurrently, they actively work to help the most vulnerable in this time of need with extensive humanitarian aid campaigns. I.e., The Salvation Army alone continues to distribute $2.66 billion USD annually to the most vulnerable in America. We salute our members who make such worthy causes possible.

Group marginalization continues to tick upwards as political antics from both political parties' spill over. A slight increase in our internal HSMI (hateful social media index) indicates a precursor to increased racial tensions and group marginalization in the near future.

As always, we remind our members to stay safe as they will continue to be condemned for any potential misfortune of others.

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